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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just Thought this was Funny

As many of you know, I am studying in France, and an coming back to the U.S. in 6 days (!)  I have a feeling that this will pretty much describe my life. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Belle Noire

Before reading my post on Belle Noire, please take the time to vote for your favorite designer.  Next month, I will publish a post on where to find great deals on clothes by the winning designer, so keep a look out for that!

Black is a pretty complex color, it can evoke the feel of the roaring twenties and vintage glamour, or the feel of a cutthroat, modern, businesswoman. An obvious upside is that black really is instantly slimming (not myth, I swear) and it is pretty versatile.  A downside is that it can sometimes send a message you don't want to, like looking accidentally gothic when you were going for sophisticated.  Here are some cute and chic ways to wear black, without going too far.

The Ruffle Jacket:

This Green Dragon cropped jacket is totally adorable.  It creates an abstractly military feel with the button placement, but the ruffles keep it feminine and fun. It is only $39.99 marked down from $105.00 at, so check it out, and you can look covered up and cute all at once.  

The Bag:

I am in love with this Sonia Rykiel embellished suede shoulder bag - like true love kind of in love.  It gives off an edgy-glamorous feel with the bows and crystal-embellished bird, but it is still casual enough to take to class without feeling overdressed.  It is big enough to hold all of your necessities, but not big enough to make you feel like walking down the street is a resistance workout.  In short, this bag is little less than perfection.  Of course, in my opinion, the thing that makes it the most perfect is that it is 70% off at the Outnet, so definitely look for it there first.  

The Accessory:

You have to be careful with black jewelry, because there is a very fine line between dark and sexy, and just plain creepy.  These black rose hair clips by Olini Floral take you up to the line without going over.  They are elegant and formal, with a vintage feel, and just a little bit off-beat.  They would be perfect for helping a cute dress "grow up" for a semi-formal, or for adding a dramatic flair to an outfit for school.  They are only $35.70 on Etsy at, plus you would be supporting an artisan accessory designer.  

Happy Shopping :) 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cold Weather Clothing

It is no secret that I have a hard life. One of the most difficult things for me right now is living in the south of France for a semester; while my friends from home were able to start wearing sweaters back in September, and I have been forced to wear sundresses, little tank tops, and bathing suits all fall.  However, all summers eventually come to an end - even on the Mediterranean - and now I am exploring fall fashion in a serious way.  And because I am still a broke college student, and living in a country that uses the Euro (which has a deadly exchange rate against the U.S. dollar), I am turning to the discount American web sites we all know and love to stock my cold weather wardrobe.  Read on for my selection of affordable autumn clothing.

The Sweater:

Okay, I think that we have all bought something from the Victoria's Secret catalogue because it looked so pretty on the model, and then found that it was completely unwearable in real life.  This blue sweater with leather buckles is not one of those items; it covers enough to be warm and classy, it is long enough to prevent tragic gapping that can sometimes occur, and the leather on the bottom is totally adorable.  It also happens to be 49% off the the Victoria's Secret web site, so it is a good investment for winter.

The Coat: 

This is a Lafayette 148 New York wool short sleeved coat.  I became a fan of Lafayette 148 New York because of designs like this; it is chic and easy to wear at the same time.  Depending on wear you live, the short sleeves may or may not be a huge problem, but for a coat like this, I think it is worth shivering a little at the bus stop, because you will look fabulous.  This piece is 48% off at the saksfifthavenue web site, but unfortunately even with that discount it is still $470.99: so sad. 

The Boots:
Boots are a necessary item for winter because they keep the foot warm and dry from snow.  More importantly, these Mina high heeled boots by SM will make you taller, and give you a snow-bunny meets New York kind of feel that does not come along very often.  For the PETA fashionistas, please note that these boots were made with faux fur (real leather, but then you can't have everything) so no real snow bunnies were harmed to make you look great.  They are 41% off at DSW, so look for them there, and take on the snow with style.  

Enjoy the cold weather, everybody, and

Happy Shopping :) 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have a Chic Thanksgiving

It is easy to be chic for just about every holiday with the exception of Thanksgiving.  For Christmas you can wear jewel tones and adorable winter hats, for the 4th of July you really only need a patriotic bikini and to starve yourself for a week, and Halloween offers no end to fashion-forward dress-up ideas if you are so inclined.  Unfortunately for us all, however, Thanksgiving is not exactly a vogue holiday.  The images that come to mind when one thinks of Thanksgiving are pilgrims...and turkeys. Hot. To make matters worse, it is a holiday that you celebrate by eating as much wholesome (fattening) food as your stomach can possibly hold.  Again, not something one would normally associate with fashion.  However, for those of us truly dedicated to fashion, it is possible to look good this Thanksgiving, with a few key elements.

The Dress: 

This babydoll sweater dress by French Connection serves two very important functions in Thanksgiving fashion: hide and distract.  The mercifully loose fit around the stomach hides any signs of gluttony, and will remain comfortable even after your second slice of apple pie (I am, of course, assuming that everybody eats as much as me every Thanksgiving). And of course, black is instantly slimming, and will forgive one night of indulgence.  Second, the dress is short enough to divert the eye straight to those legs - they won't be suffering from the consequences of turkey at least.  Get it at bluefly for 30% off, and feel as close to sexy as possible on a holiday of eating.  

The Tights:

If you follow my advice, you will be wearing a minidress in late November. Be reasonable: protect your legs from dry skin, and overall death with cute tights like this Anne Klein pair, $8.99 at  

The Scarf: 

It is time to break the homely color-scheme of Thanksgiving brown and burnt orange.  This hand-painted Moon Waves silk scarf by SilkScarvesColorado will add excitement to a black outfit, and will keep you from looking like a pilgrim - trust me, there are no fashionable pilgrims.  It's not a sale item, but Thanksgiving is a holiday of indulgence, right? And it is only $52.00 on Etsy, so this statement piece won't break your budget.  

The Shoes: 

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is that it is a time to sit down and count your blessings, and sitting down means that you can wear completely unpractical shoes without killing your feet. These stiletto booties by Rosegold are so beautifully unpractical that it is like they were made specifically for Thanksgiving.  Plus, don't forget one key element of this outfit is distracting the eye from your stomach to your amazing legs.  For us mortals without natural born amazing legs, these boots will work wonder.  For the near future, they are 46% off at  

I know Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away, but start shopping early to have your perfect holiday outfit prepared, and as always,

Happy Shopping :) 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Elegant Earth-Tones

Many of us associate earth-tones with boring, wall-flower clothing. Oatmeal, taupe, beige and wheat hardly evoke the same excitement as shades like sapphire, jade, crimson, or midnight.  However, if you do it right, you can stand out as an example of elegance and sexy sophistication with these gorgeous picks, say no to oatmeal and yes to champagne, gold dust, and shimmering lambskin taupe..  Gorgeous earth-tones can scream anything from "Old Money" to "Career Girl" all while quietly whispering that you are an amazingly gorgeous fashionista (if you can't hear your clothes speak to you, then you are not shopping properly).

The Showstopper:

I think that this gold dust Tadashi Shoji one sleeved gown singlehandedly refutes every person who has ever said that earth-tones are "boring".  This draped silk gown says drama and glamour better than any brighter color ever could.  It is the height of refinement, and is perfect for a black-tie event.  It happens to be on sale on the Saks Fifth Avenue web site for $256.99; 30% off the original price tag.  If you're looking early for a sorority formal or prom dress that is not tacky, or if you need to look great for an evening work event, this dress is perfect for making you look like money, without breaking the bank.  

The Killer Bag

I absolutely adore this Nanette Lepore lambskin satchel.  It is a perfect casual bag for taking to class, the office, or (my favorite) shopping for other amazing items.  If you pair it with brown leather boots, dark jeans, and a graphic tee, you have an envy-worthy outfit for back to school.  This bag is 40% off at in their sale section.  If you want to reward yourself, I can't imagine a better way of doing it than getting this bag.  

The Classy Top:

Dolce and Gabbana are my go-to dream brand for classy cute clothing.  This champagne colored silk bubble sleeve top is a perfect choice if you're dressing for a conservative occasion like an internship, or a college interview.  This top proves that you can dress for your career without sacrificing your awesome fashion sense.  This top happens to be 70% off at That's right, 70% off.  Nothing smarter than investing in a piece like this to complete your wardrobe.

Happy Shopping, Fashionistas :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leighton Meester's Look for Under $100!

As far as fashion icons go, there are few who beat Leighton Meester in consistently putting together to-die-for fashionable outfits either to grab coffee, or go to a red carpet event.  After all, who can beat a Gossip Girl at style?  Unfortunately, Leighton Meester and Blaire Waldorf both have expensive taste...unattainably expensive taste.  Example: the Marchesa gown that Blaire Waldorf wore to Prom on Gossip Girl was one of a kind, and literally priceless.  It takes a lot of research and a little bit of luck to put together a Leighton Meester outfit without having to sell your car, but I believe that I have done it successfully.  Read on to find out how to get "the look" for less.

Leighton's Look

This is Leighton looking undeniably fab at a party for Kira Plastinina, wearing Kira Plastinina.  Her black and white look is timeless, and chic; she looks hip in menswear but also manages to look delicate and feminine.  This is definitely a fashion win for Leighton.

The Vest:

It's a little less shiny, and a lot less expensive.  This black scoop-neck New York and Company vest fits the silhouette of the Kira Plastinina vest that Leighton is wearing, without the astronomic prices that the Russian designer demands for her clothing.  It is a cute take on business casual clothing, and will add a certain hip feel to your wardrobe.  It also happens to be 50% off at where you will be able to find it for just $24.99.  Great deal? I think so, too.  

The Tank Top:

It is not that hard to find a white tank top for not a lot of money, but what is definitely more of a challenge is finding one that flatters your body and makes "the ladies" look nice without taking that fatal, yet so common turn to being trashy.  This Victoria's Secret bra cami top will keep you feeling sexy without going slutty, and the added length on bottom makes it perfect for layering under a shorter vest.  It's only $14.50 at, so you can look sexy without breaking budget.

The Jeans:

I did include a pair of skinny jeans, because Leighton is wearing some, but I do so with the warning label: wear with caution. We do not all have the bodies of Leighton Meester (sadly).  For those of us such as myself who will not be flattered by skinny jeans, let us choose a fit that flatter our own bodies, rather than our idols. For those who can pull off the look, however, these Dollhouse sequined skinny jeans glam up denim, and look adorable. I love the subtle sequins on the waist.  They won't make you look too hipster, but they still give off a modern, funky vibe.  Get them on sale for just $19.99 at  

The Shoes:

Are you too proud to buy a cute pair of shoes from Payless as long as nobody finds out where you got them? I, for one, am not.  These Christian Siriano pumps are similar to the round-toe black heels that Leighton wears, and they are so cute, I want to run out and buy them in three different colors.  They can make the transition from campus to internship effortlessly by switching the skinny jeans for a pencil skirt, and they will make your legs look fantastic.  They also happen to be just $34.99 at making them a great, and affordable fashion must-have.  

This outfit costs a total of $94.50, and the best part is that you will have four adorable articles that you can pair with other outfits to create new looks that are completely your own.  

Happy Shopping :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fantasy, Feasible, and Frugal Dresses

There are some special moments when you meet that dress that you love, and you can't get it out of your head.  Like true love, you just cannot get over that dress. However, there are times when you fall in love with someone unattainable, like Matt Damon, or a $1,880 Fendi dress.  Although  people tell me it is "unhealthy" to shop for guys to find a Matt Damon replacement, shopping for affordable dresses based on characteristics of your fantasy dress is perfectly normal.  Find your fantasy while still being frugal by reading on :)

The Fantasy:

Fashionistas worship Fendi for being irresistibly chic, trendy, and sophisticated.  This one-shoulder blue Fendi dress could just as easily be worn to a club as to a cocktail party, or a chance encounter in a store where your ex happens to work.  Unfortunately, this dress is only attainable for those of us willing to sell a kidney on the black market to afford it...and that leaves back scars.  If you can spend $1,880 on one dress without crying, buy this from Barney's New York without regret.  For the rest of us...try some of these lower budget alternatives.  


This Badgley Mischka Platinum Label blue asymmetric dress is absolutely adorable.  It will make you feel like a lady (keeping things classy) but it will also make the men want you.  The shine keeps things formal, so keep it to the evening, but pair it with a matte hue clutch and wear with pride.  Buy it at Bluefly where it's $244.99 marked down from $430.  


If you love the one-shoulder look but can't afford the top two, this David's Bridal blue dress is a great alternative.  Although technically a bridesmaid dress, this dress is versatile enough to wear in a variety of settings.  Wear your hair down and pair with heavy baubles before hitting clubs, or a party.  It's only $79.99, marked down from $120.00.  

Happy Shopping :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Violent Violet

Everybody knows the class-based history of purple; it was one of the rarest colors to dye clothing, and therefore was reserved for the highest classes.  In Rome, it was the color of senators, and in medieval Europe, it was only worn by royalty.  This is a color that is very easy to wear because there is a shade for almost every skin tone and style.  Here are some of my favorite picks.

The Tote:

If you have never heard of Malaysian bag designer Ryoushop, then you are missing out.  Their take on violet is this oversized Mira canvas tote bag that adds spice to an everyday outfit, and is big enough to carry books to class.  Pair it with skinny jeans and a neutral tone top, and let this fantastic bag be the focal point of the outfit.  Look for it on Etsy where it's only $48.00. Plus free shipping. 

The Skirt:

This See by Chloe cotton skirt is a perfect piece to wear back to campus with a funky pair of boots, or to an internship with flats and a gray sweater.  It's a fun and playful color, but i's modest length makes it versatile enough to wear anywhere.  If you're looking for an investment piece to wear several ways, this is it.  Look for it at the Outnet where you can get it 65% off.  

The Dress:

Want to be a classy bombshell? Buy this ruffle camisole mini dress by Parker as soon as possible.  It's a statement piece that needs little accessorizing to create a finished look. Are you the kind of fashionista who loves a little comfort?  Parker silk dresses are soft and smooth like butter, and the loose fit will make even body conscious women feel comfortable in their own skin.  It's on sale at Saks right now for $129.99

Purple Done Wrong

I love Gucci. If I could afford it I would be a Gucci girl for life.  However, this purple fox fur collar with tassel is not Gucci's finest hour.  It's out of proportion and an unfortunate shade of purple. The real tragedy is that a fox had to die to make such a hideous statement piece.  It's selling on Saks for $2,990.  Advice to my fashionistas: spend all that money on better things.  

Happy Shopping :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blue Bloods and Blue Collars

Blue is one of my personal favorite colors because it is so versatile. Blue can be worn literally thousands of ways, but because of space concerns, I will just show four takes on it. No matter what your style, you can wear some shade of the color in some way. Fun fact: feeling "blue" in Germany means that one is intoxicated. Read on to find some amazing blue pieces for prices that won't leave you feeling blue. 

Dress it up: 

If you want to feel pretty, girly, classy, and flirty, Campaigne is a great - and underrated- design brand to turn to.  This one shoulder chiffon "Ariel" blue sundress is the epitome of all those adjectives.  It will make you feel like a lady, but there's enough sex appeal there to keep you from feeling drab.  The cut and pale blue print makes it perfect for going on vacation, or for a first date.  It's 40% off at bluefly

Dress it Down:

You can't do a post on blue without delving into the ultimate blue piece of clothing: blue jeans. Blue jeans have transcended age, class and gender to infiltrate just about every wardrobe in the western world, but it's less common to find a pair of blue jeans that will flatter your body, and won't cost a fortune. These Victoria's Secret skinny jeans work best with smaller framed people, and will lengthen the legs. Pair with a flowy tank and heels for a breezy summer look, and look for them in the clearance section where they are $19.99, marked down from $59.99. 

Dress with Class:
I ordinarily am struck by bright bold colors on shoes, often in knee high boot or sneaker form so that it creates an uncompromising block of brightness on the feet. As a result, it was a personal sacrifice to choose these demure Lumiani sapphire blue booties, but because they are so fabulous, I knew they were the right choice to include. You can wear them to class, to the office, to a club or to a party; basically you can wear them anywhere that doesn't require a lot of walking, and you will be the envy of everybody because they are hot and classy at the same time. They also happen to be 40% off at Zappos, which is pretty awesome, as well. 

Dress Apart from the Rest:

So let me tell you why I love these Hanamiusa orchid earrings; they are made with real orchids! I stumbled across a street stall in New York last year who sold flower jewelry that was real flowers dipped in resin in some complicated way to preserve them for a long time, and I fell in love.  They are beautiful and different; you can wear them for an off-beat artsy look with paint-splattered jeans, or you could class them up with a pencil skirt and pumps.  They are fab for an affordable price, as well. Look for them at where they are $41.00

Happy Shopping, fashionistas :) 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Seeing Red

Hello Fashionistas,

This is the first entry of my color block series: each post will be one color done three ways for three different looks. For the first color, I chose the boldest, most attention grabbing color on earth: bright, luscious red.  It's associated with danger and sex, so it's perfect for bombshells. but it can also work in wholesome, commercial pieces. The real challenge? Not going broke on your quest to fabulous.

The Bombshell:

I stumbled upon this red BCBG when I wrote my Prom post back in April and I have just been waiting for a chance to use it, because I looove it. The asymmetrical cross strap, the sweetheart neckline, and the rosette detailing on the skirt combine to make this an attention grabbing dress, perfect for any girl who loves the spotlight. It's 40% off at so you can boldly buy without regret.

You can't do a post on Red without getting a little dangerous, and dangerous describes these Christian Louboutin, perfectly. They're strappy and sexy, and a little reminiscent of bondage, giving them that edgy look that would go great with a little black dress, and heavy bauble jewelry.  They're 50% off at the Outnet, which makes this one of those rare occasions when Christian Louboutin is actually affordable.  

Street Style:

Ordinarily, I do not recommend hats from small time hat-makers.  They tend to be either outrageously untasteful, or else not skillfully made. However, I was delightfully surprised by UK hat designer Moaning Minnie's fun (and well executed) take on hats. This red and white checked newsboy cap gives an urban street-chic to a casual outfit. Pair with black booties and a sweater this fall! The most amazing part? It's only $45.00 on  Not a fan of newsboy hats? My second choice was her adorable red and white polka dot rain hat.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top Finds Under $50

Back by popular demand, I am doing another post on the top finds under $50. We're all of us young, hot and broke, so finding fashionable items for less than $50 is both necessary and difficult. These finds will help us look chic without having to sleep on the streets.

Adorn Yourself:

If you want class, elegance, and charm, these Taryndawn drop earrings are perfect for a night out.  They swing and dangle which keeps them young and flirty.  However, the rose quartz and freshwater pearl makes them gives them an old money feel. If you want to look expensive without spending a lot of money then these earrings are perfect. Get them at for only $19.99. 

Be Flirty

For those of us who love casual, do NOT settle for blending in. These crazy silk ruffle tank from Banana Republic is comfortable, casual, and the best part is that it's just a little different. You won't be getting any stares worthy of a Lady Gaga ensemble, but the ruffles keep it from being plain and boring. Get it an for $44.99


One of the best things to indulge in is a leather slouchy tote bag. Unfortunately, the leather totes that are cheap generally look cheap as well, and that is the last thing that you want hanging off your body.  This Jessica Simpson tote is on sale for $44.94 at DSW and it is adorable. It's perfect for street style, paired with a fun hat and stiletto boots.  

Happy Shopping :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoes: Steals and Deals

One of the best things about shoes is that, no matter what size you are, you won't feel fat trying them on.  For many of us, when we're having a bad day, the last thing that we want to do is look at our bodies in a mirror, whether we're a size 0 or a size 20. So what to do when you need a little bit of retail therapy? Buy a drop dead gorgeous pair of shoes that you love; it's as comforting as a warm milk, and as satisfying as chocolate fudge. I'll show you how to get that dream pair of shoes for a lot less.  

The Flats: 

If you are looking for comfort and femininity, there is nothing better than a pair of velvet studded ballet flats like these Charlotte Ronson navy blue shoes.  They will make a large foot look dainty, and they'll make a small foot look positively delicate.  In terms of comfort food, they're like a hot creamy soup, perfect for soothing after a bad day.  The most soothing part? Getting them for 50% off at Tobi.  

The Kitten Heels:
Kitten heels are perfect for feeling comfortable in a pair of heels.  They still lengthen the leg and look adorable, but they won't kill the feet or make you feel off-balance.  These Sergio Rossi white kitten heels will make you feel sexy without leaving your comfort zone.  After a bad day, buying shoes like these is like Chamomile tea and cookies, refined and sophisticated, but still providing that comfort you really need.  Get them at DSW because they are 82% off there. No typo: they are 82% off. 

The Stiletto:
When others will not do, thank God for Manolo Blahnik.  These blue satin Blahnik stilettos are just what one needs to feel sexy and flirty after a horrible day. Want to put the day behind you a move on in style? Do it in these adorable shoes.  Forget the timid comfort of soup and tea, these heels are pure chocolate; they are bold and they are rich, but they will also comfort in their own way.  They're also 56% off at Ivory Trunk and there's only one pair left, so act fast.  

Happy Shopping :)


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Luxe in Lace

The minute designers premiered their Fall 2011 collections during New York's fashion week, everybody knew: lace is very, very hot.  Don't believe me? Check out the collections of Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Christian Dior, Jason Wu, and Stella McCartney- they all sent their models down the runway looking fabulously feminine and flirty in lacy pieces.  The real question for us frugal fashionistas is not whether or not to love lace, but where to find it without breaking the bank.  Here are some of my favorite lacy creations that will keep us all safely within budget.  

The Reformation: 

It is impossible not to adore this sheer lace top by The Reformation.  Its classical lace pattern makes it elegant and glamorous, but its sheer daring makes it edgy.  If you feel bold, pair it with a nude tank top, and strut your stuff; you'l look risqué without going too far.  For a more vintage feel, try a black top under it with a sweetheart neckline; it will evoke a Victorian feel with an undeniably modern twist.  The best part? It's 45% off if you look for it at Bluefly.  

Giuseppe Zanotti
As Coco Chanel once said "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" and in this pair of lace-covered Giuseppe Zanotti pumps, you can't help but be both.  If you have to dress up for college interviews, or for an internship, these heels are perfect to keep you looking fashionable and feminine while still being professional.  Look for the at the Outnet where you can snag them for 60% off!

Dolce and Gabbana

I just adore Dolce and Gabbana's dresses, like this cotton lace sundress.  It is light and airy, and a great way of showing off your summer tan.  It's perfect to wear to a garden party or graduation, and will create that polished look without making you overdressed. At $899, I can't really say that it is a frugal find, but seeing as it was originally $2230, it is discounted enough to make my list.  If you like the 60% off price tag, then look for it at Gilt Groupe. 

Happy Shopping! :)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Head to Toe Marc Jacobs

Hello Fashionistas,
It has been a while but I am finally back, and returning to my favorite designer, the demigod, Marc Jacobs.  We all want him, but few can afford him, so for those of us without deep pockets, discount designer outlets are a godsend. I found the perfect springtime outfit that is fantastic but affordable.

The Top:

It's purple, it's hammered silk, it's Marc by Marc Jacobs.  This adorable top is dressy enough to wear to the office and casual enough to wear to a barbecue, but no matter where you go in it, you will look fabulous.  It's not clingy, it's not low-cut, it doesn't show a lot of skin, but it is still flirty, light, and girly.  Plus it's 38% off at bluefly, so well within the reach of all of us.  

The Shorts:

Ever since the first whispers of Spring arrives, women everywhere have been prepping for this moment with spray-tans, crash diets, and ankle weights.  It is the season of sexy legs and these white Marc by Marc Jacobs shorts are the perfect way to show yours off.  They are the perfect bottom to complement the classy purple silk top by being risqué within reason.  Look for them as well at Bluefly, where they are 37% off.  

The Shoes:

Whether or not they are the focal point of an outfit, the shoes will make or break your look.  These leather t-strap sandals will lengthen the legs we have all been working so hard on --and keep the attention on our legs, not our feet.  They are chic and sophisticated, but they know their place as supporting actors and won't try to steal the spotlight.  Make sure to get a pedicure before wearing though, because nobody likes a naked toenail.  Best part? They're 43% off at DSW.   

Happy Shopping :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dress to Kill for less than $100

I have so far covered a lot of dressy clothing because I have a weakness for glitz, but now I am writing on how to get an awesome everyday outfit for under $100.  If you're going on a casual date, or just want to look great in class, read up on how to get that perfect outfit for less.  

The Pants

I do not know who decided that faded jeans would be a good style, but they were clearly no friend to womankind.  These dark blue AE artist jeans look great on all body types, and their wrinkled appearance gives them a funky off-beat look. American Eagle is hardly a designer brand, but because they are adorable, and on clearance for 29.99 at, I decided to include them. 

The Top:

With a pair of artist jeans, you need to choose your top carefully to make certain that you look trendy and not unwashed.  This Piperlime Mystree tank top is perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans.  This top is light and summery and shows skin while managing to remain classy.  The braided straps add a hint of glamour to this very wearable everyday top.  What's even better is that it's marked down to $33.99 at, so you can wear it with the confidence that comes from getting an excellent deal.  

The Hat:

We all watched the royal wedding with fascination, looking at British hats that ranged from tame to outlandish.    While I would not recommend trying to pull off Princess Eugenie's hat,, there are a lot of hats that transform an outfit from forgettable to fabulous.  This Hothats cloche style hat accents the jeans and top and creates a memorable style.  Wear it with glamorous big curls, or a messy updo - as long as you wear it, you're sure to be chic.  Get it at for only $28.00.  

Throw on your fave pair of flats and you've got a great, wearable outfit for only $91.94.

Happy Shopping! :)