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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dress to Kill for less than $100

I have so far covered a lot of dressy clothing because I have a weakness for glitz, but now I am writing on how to get an awesome everyday outfit for under $100.  If you're going on a casual date, or just want to look great in class, read up on how to get that perfect outfit for less.  

The Pants

I do not know who decided that faded jeans would be a good style, but they were clearly no friend to womankind.  These dark blue AE artist jeans look great on all body types, and their wrinkled appearance gives them a funky off-beat look. American Eagle is hardly a designer brand, but because they are adorable, and on clearance for 29.99 at, I decided to include them. 

The Top:

With a pair of artist jeans, you need to choose your top carefully to make certain that you look trendy and not unwashed.  This Piperlime Mystree tank top is perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans.  This top is light and summery and shows skin while managing to remain classy.  The braided straps add a hint of glamour to this very wearable everyday top.  What's even better is that it's marked down to $33.99 at, so you can wear it with the confidence that comes from getting an excellent deal.  

The Hat:

We all watched the royal wedding with fascination, looking at British hats that ranged from tame to outlandish.    While I would not recommend trying to pull off Princess Eugenie's hat,, there are a lot of hats that transform an outfit from forgettable to fabulous.  This Hothats cloche style hat accents the jeans and top and creates a memorable style.  Wear it with glamorous big curls, or a messy updo - as long as you wear it, you're sure to be chic.  Get it at for only $28.00.  

Throw on your fave pair of flats and you've got a great, wearable outfit for only $91.94.

Happy Shopping! :)