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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rock Mother's Day for $20 or Less

We all love our mothers, and Mother's Day is a time when we really want to show them how much we care with a sweet, thoughtful gift.  However, for those of us out there who are broker than broke, this can be a challenge because most cheap Mother's Day presents are tacky and low quality.  Here are three excellent finds for Mother's Day for under $20, so that you can give your mom a classy gift on your tight budget.

Nesting Baskets:

Hand crocheted nesting baskets are a fantastic gift to give your mother because they are decorative, functional, and just plain pretty.  Fill them up with her favorite candy, tea, or potpourri, and you have a budget friendly gift that your mom is sure to love. These stolenheartcrochet baskets are only $12.00, and are guaranteed to arrive in time for Mother's Day.  Find them here:

Decorative Planter

Mother's Day and flowers are intrinsically linked, so flowers always make a wonderful present for Mother's Day.  Instead of spending the bulk of your budget on expensive cut flowers that die quickly, why not buy a pretty planter, and put in your mom's favorite flower or herb?  This Dragonfly pot by Clay Garden Pottery makes for a lasting, beautiful gift, and it's only $18.50 at


 Nothing is more soothing than a hot cup of tea in the evening and let's face it, with all of the headaches we cause our mothers over our lifetime, the least we can do is also give a bit of comfort.  This loose leaf Blueberry White Serenity tea by Teaganic is the perfect way to let your mom know you love her - bake a plate of cookies to go with it, and she has the makings of a relaxing afternoon of tea and cookies.  Buy it for $6.00 here:

Happy Mothers Day, Fashionistas :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fabulously Frugal Feet

Well fashionistas, it is finally spring time, and that means a whole lot of proms, sorority formals, weddings, and parties to celebrate the warm weather.  If you want your feet to look fabulous without breaking budget, check out some of these adorable footie finds.

Warm weather means a lot of walking - to the beach, to the mall, to class - in dresses and skirts.  A cute pair of flats is the perfect way to complement a sundress, or to dress up a pair of jeans.  I love these grommet suede flats by See by Chloe because they are absurdly adorable without being absurdly preppy.  They're 60% off at the Outnet, so grab them while they are still on sale :)

If you are planning a wedding in the near future, or if you just really want to go all out for prom, then these are the heels for you.  These Allure bridal heels cannot be called subtle, but they will also prevent you from being a wallflower for the evening.  In short, they are fancy and fabulous, and 64% off at


  As the weather gets warmer, girls can go to the club without paying a fortune for coat check (frugal fashionista win) and the skirts get shorter.  If you are planning a fun girls night or bachelorette party, then these Lulu Townsend Veronica sandals are for you.  They are sexy, sparkly, and strappy, and they are sure to make you look fabulous out on the town.  Get them today without breaking the bank at DSW, where they are 50% off!

Happy Shopping :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Have a Fabulously Frugal Wedding

Well fashionistas, it is officially that romantic time of year when weddings and proposals are coming into full swing.  For those of us planning a wedding, it can be very difficult to organize one without spending an entire down payment on a house, but this is still going to be one of the most special days of your life.  I recently checked out the annual wedding sale on Gilt Groupe, and I was appalled at how expensive everything was, even at a sharp discount.  If you really want to have a frugal wedding, I suggest going to Etsy to find gorgeous wedding things. Check out some of my favorite finds below :)

The Veil:

If you have gone veil shopping, you know that it can be a scam - big bridal houses see an excited new bride, and decide they can get away with charging $300.00 for a $1.00 piece of tulle.  I reject this mindset, and I found several beautiful veils on Etsy for less than $100.00.  My favorite is a Sweetheart Polka Dotted veil from Lovelyeverafter for only $55.00.  It is adorable, intricate, and sweet; in short, it is the perfect veil for a country chic bride, and at $55.00 it can fit into just about any bride's budget.  Check it out at

The Gloves:

Lace wedding gloves are a fantastic way to class up your bridal outfit.  If you choose the right pair, they provide elegance and ornament for a low price relative to your dress.  If for some reason you cannot afford your dream dress, the right pair of gloves can be a wonderful consolation prize - just imagine all of the photo shoot potential here :) I personally love these wedding gloves by Glove Shop on Etsy; they are fingerless so you don't have to awkwardly take them off for the exchanging of the rings, and they are absolutely gorgeous.  At only $30.00, they are also less expensive than most bracelets, and they are miles better than a bare wrist on your wedding day.  Check them out at Glove Shop's page on Etsy

The Slippers:

Okay, so a pair of slippers just for dancing might sound like an extravagant expense, after all, you are already springing for a pair of heels for the ceremony, right?  But especially for brides on a budget who may be getting inexpensive (read uncomfortable) heels, you are going to want something more comfortable for the reception, or else you're going to be sitting on the sidelines at your own wedding.  Plus, think of your honeymoon - do you really want to be held back by blisters? I have seen brides at various weddings try different approaches to combat this problem, from dancing barefoot to white "bridal" flip flops, but I think these adorable bridal slippers by Yagmurshop are by far the best solution.  Plus, they happen to be discounted to $25.00, so your feet can be pampered on a budget.

The Dress:

When my sister mentioned that one day she wanted to get her wedding dress from Etsy, I told her she was flat out being naive.  I told her that Etsy would be great for accessories, but she should never ever trust Etsy with her dress.  That was a few years ago, and I regret it now, because Etsy has a wealth of beautiful, affordable dresses for brides who want something unique without paying a small fortune.  The main drawback of Etsy is that you cannot try the dress on to see how it looks, and because you have to take your own measurements and trust that they are accurate when you send to the dress designer.  However, the fact that each dress is custom made to your measurements should be something of a comfort; it will be a better fit than a dress off the rack somewhere.  Wedding dress shopping is a matter of personal taste, so I am simply sharing a dress that I happen to love from Alex Bridal.  I happen to be a sucker for a tea length wedding dress with an open back, so this $299.99  ivory dress with alencon lace is perfect for me.  Also, make sure your designer has plenty of positive feedback - this is the most important day of your life, after all.  Like this dress? check it out at  
After all, where else are you going to find a quality wedding dress for under $500?

Happy Weddings, Fashionistas :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence's Look for $107.00

I think that it is safe to say that America has fallen head over heels in love with Jennifer Lawrence this past year.  We love the movies she does, we love adorable personality, and we love her gorgeous style.  Unfortunately, no matter how much Jennifer acts like she could be your best friend if you only knew her in real life, she happens to have a much higher wardrobe budget than the average American girl.  If you love her clothes but not the price tag, here is how you can steal Jennifer's style for a total price of $110.00

The Look:

 Jennifer looks fresh and chic in a white button down, navy blue skirt, and sandals.  Also, her hair looks fantastic. 

The Top:

It is so easy to find white button down tops for low prices, but it is far more difficult to find white button down tops that don't make you look like you are about to perform in a middle-school band concert.  This summery Decree button down keeps things sophisticated but flirty for an effortless, stylish look.  If you're dressing for a date, undo a button to copy Jennifer's sexy style, or keep things conservative for class or work.  Buy it now for $22.00 at J.C. Penney.

The Skirt:

  Navy blue swishy skirts are just plain cute.  They make you feel girly, and it is always fun to spin in them to make them float around (or is that just me?).  This Mossimo skirt is long enough to be classy, but it is also young and fun, and it will make you feel good about yourself - it basically exemplifies Jennifer Lawrence's fresh, sweet style.  It also happens to be completely affordable at Target right now for $19.99, that is a win in my book.

The Belt

When you are selecting boring sophisticated colors, it is really important to wear a bright accessory to make sure you don't fade into the background.  Jennifer chose a fun, skinny red belt to tie her look together, and to keep her outfit exciting.  The thing that I like about this red Fashion Focus is that it is subtle enough to make your outfit pop without overpowering it.  The thing that I like is that it is only $20.30 (58% off) today at Bluefly, so my frugal fashionista side is getting all excited.

The Shoes

I love love love Jennifer Lawrence's white sandals with her outfit.  They make her legs look killer, and they are a clean, classy way to finish her look.  These sexy Audrey Brooke Olena sandals can be dangerous if you are a high heels novice, but for those of us who are more experienced, they are to die for.  The best part is, of course, their affordable price.  They are 44% off at DSW, for a total of $45.00.

If you are as handy with a calculator as myself, and you have no qualms about rounding .99s up to 1.00, then you know that you can get Jennifer Lawrence's fabulous outfit for a grand total of $107.00.  I did my best to get it under $100.00, but that's life, this is  good enough for me.  And who knows, maybe once we start dressing like Jennifer Lawrence, some of her success and charisma will rub off on us - it's possible.

Happy Shopping :)