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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence's Look for $107.00

I think that it is safe to say that America has fallen head over heels in love with Jennifer Lawrence this past year.  We love the movies she does, we love adorable personality, and we love her gorgeous style.  Unfortunately, no matter how much Jennifer acts like she could be your best friend if you only knew her in real life, she happens to have a much higher wardrobe budget than the average American girl.  If you love her clothes but not the price tag, here is how you can steal Jennifer's style for a total price of $110.00

The Look:

 Jennifer looks fresh and chic in a white button down, navy blue skirt, and sandals.  Also, her hair looks fantastic. 

The Top:

It is so easy to find white button down tops for low prices, but it is far more difficult to find white button down tops that don't make you look like you are about to perform in a middle-school band concert.  This summery Decree button down keeps things sophisticated but flirty for an effortless, stylish look.  If you're dressing for a date, undo a button to copy Jennifer's sexy style, or keep things conservative for class or work.  Buy it now for $22.00 at J.C. Penney.

The Skirt:

  Navy blue swishy skirts are just plain cute.  They make you feel girly, and it is always fun to spin in them to make them float around (or is that just me?).  This Mossimo skirt is long enough to be classy, but it is also young and fun, and it will make you feel good about yourself - it basically exemplifies Jennifer Lawrence's fresh, sweet style.  It also happens to be completely affordable at Target right now for $19.99, that is a win in my book.

The Belt

When you are selecting boring sophisticated colors, it is really important to wear a bright accessory to make sure you don't fade into the background.  Jennifer chose a fun, skinny red belt to tie her look together, and to keep her outfit exciting.  The thing that I like about this red Fashion Focus is that it is subtle enough to make your outfit pop without overpowering it.  The thing that I like is that it is only $20.30 (58% off) today at Bluefly, so my frugal fashionista side is getting all excited.

The Shoes

I love love love Jennifer Lawrence's white sandals with her outfit.  They make her legs look killer, and they are a clean, classy way to finish her look.  These sexy Audrey Brooke Olena sandals can be dangerous if you are a high heels novice, but for those of us who are more experienced, they are to die for.  The best part is, of course, their affordable price.  They are 44% off at DSW, for a total of $45.00.

If you are as handy with a calculator as myself, and you have no qualms about rounding .99s up to 1.00, then you know that you can get Jennifer Lawrence's fabulous outfit for a grand total of $107.00.  I did my best to get it under $100.00, but that's life, this is  good enough for me.  And who knows, maybe once we start dressing like Jennifer Lawrence, some of her success and charisma will rub off on us - it's possible.

Happy Shopping :)

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