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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let's Get Intimate

Whether we're in a relationship, or proudly single, we fashionistas should always love ourselves first and foremost.  One good way to do that? Don't neglect your undergarments.  Okay, so this may sound silly for those of you who do not plan on showing them to anybody anytime soon, but the key to feeling sexy on the outside is being sexy on the inside (of your clothes). Plus, from somebody who has worn all kinds of bras, let me tell you that expensive bras are worth it in terms of comfort and endurance.  So this post is about feeling sexy and upscale without killing your wallet.

The Bra: 

Bras are supposed to make a girl feel feminine and flirty while also offering support to the "ladies".  This Cosabella "Dandelion" eyelet bra executes both perfectly and is the perfect sunny color for springtime.  The best part, however, is that this Cosabella bra is 72% off at Bluefly.  This means you can get Cosabella for the price of Wal Mart.  Don't walk away from this or you will spend the rest of your life in regret.  

The Panties

Frugal fashionistas looking for a bra and panties set often have to get creative in attaining them.  Sure, it would be luxe and easy to walk away with one set from one store, but this is not a budget friendly approach,  These sheer and lacy Vanessa Bruno panties happen to match the Cosabella "Dandelion" bra almost perfectly, and you're getting a deal on both.  That's because this Vanessa Bruno piece is 70% off at the Outnet.

The Slip

Ahh Victoria's Secret.  Men await their fashion show every year, and women covet their sexy lingerie.  Unfortunately, for girls on a college budget, Victoria's Secret can get pretty pricey, but their Clearance Section is a magical place.  For example, frugal fashionistas will find this buttercup colored ruffle slip in the Clearance section for only $19.99.  This ruffled slip works equally well under a sundress or as sleepwear, but either way it will make you feel confident and sexy.  

Happy Shopping :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kate Middleton's Look for Under $200!

There is just something about royalty that nobody can resist.  It could be the crown, or the words "prince" and "princess" that brings back memories of Disney fairy tales, but whatever it is, it makes the inhabitants of Buckingham Palace  fascinating to us all. Prince William's upcoming marriage to the soon to be Princess Kate has been an especially thrilling piece of entertainment, because royal weddings are a once in a generation kind of event.  Kate Middleton, and more specifically, Kate Middleton's clothing, has been plastered across magazines, tabloids, and blogs such as this one.  The future princess has become well-known for her seemingly effortless, classy and upper-crust look.  For those of us who have tried to mimic this look, however, we know well that the price tags of clothes worn by royalty are not exactly "effortless" for the rest of us peasants.  This post will show you how to get Kate Middleton's look without having to marry a prince to afford it.

The Look:

Kate is looking classy as ever in this garden party outfit, wearing a cream colored blazer and camisole, a black and white skirt, and a black feathered headpiece.

The Headpiece:

Kate Middleton may be able to pull off a black feathered side-hat, but for the rest of us, this smaller feathered headpiece made by Vespertine Hollow gives a classy air without falling into the preposterous.  It has beads, a flower and feathers; a perfect recipe for feeling like a princess.  And for only $44.00 at, this headpiece isn't just for royalty.

The Blazer:

A white blazer is the perfect way to dress up a cami and skirt; it is both feminine and professional, making it a versatile article of clothing to have in your wardrobe.  This white three buttoned Attention blazer has crisp, clean lines that has an "old money" feel without breaking your budget.  It's only $29.99 at  
 The Cami:

Just like how Kate Middleton dares to wear a low cut (as low cut as the future princess of England can possible wear) top under her blazer, this Victoria's Secret camisole is a cute way of keeping your outfit from going from classy to boring.  Light cleavage and dainty lace combine to make a top that can be classy - when paired with the right blazer.  Look for it at where it's only $29.50.

The Skirt:
Black and white will never go out of style; it is now and always will be a fashionable color scheme for your outfit.  This White House Black Market skirt with contrasting prints is a fun take on the geometric print black and white skirt worn by Kate Middleton above.  The light fabric will keep the thicker blazer from making you look like a politician's wife, and the cut forgives wide hips.  It's only $84.00 at, so it will keep you looking upscale for less.  

Total Cost of the Outfit: $188.00; way less than what Kate's outfit cost.  Enjoy watching the royal wedding!

Happy Shopping :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Turn Heads at the Beach - For Less!

The weather is getting warmer, we all begin to think more about bathing suit season.  For some of us, that means going on the grapefruit diet to get a perfect bikini body.  For frugal fashionistas, however, it also means shopping around now to find the perfect beach outfit as a reward for the coming months of hard work getting in shape.  With the perfect body and the perfect outfit, turning heads at the beach (in a good way) will be a breeze this summer.

The Suit: Daring

So you've dieted, you've exercised, and now you're feeling great about your body and you want to show it off.  This black triangle Melissa Odabash bikini with chain detail is the perfect way to announce to the world (or just the beach) that YOU have arrived.  It's a daring cut in a classy color so it's bold without being too bold.  Shop for it at the Outnet, where it's 55% off.

The Suit: Classy

 For those of us who believe that leaving a little to the imagination creates a certain mystique, and piques the interest of those we want to be interested, this one piece bathing suit is the one.  Many of us are reluctant to go one piece for fear of being boring, but this asymmetrical Lisa Curran swimsuit listed on Bluefly is anything but boring; it has striking lines and the one shoulder style draws the eye away from the stomach.  It meets the frugal standard by being 46% off, so don't hesitate to get it.

The Cover-Up
Instead of a traditional beach cover-up, go wild with a crazy patterned skirt, like this salsa red waves Marc Jacobs skirt listed at 46% off.  No matter if you've gone the daring or conservative bathing suit route, this cheerful skirt will let your fun personality shine.  Look for it at Bluefly today. 

Happy Shopping :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Flirty Friday Night: Go Bold!

Happy Thursday night, fashionistas! I'm posting my Flirty Friday entry a night early to give you all time to prepare for a fabulous Friday of fun tomorrow. Tomorrow night should be all about going bold and letting loose after a loong week; are you up to the challenge?

 The Dress:

 Feeling sexy is a must in order to pull off this asymmetrical short scarlet Alexia Admor party dress. It's fitted, striking, and leaves little to the imagination.  This Friday night, those fashionistas daring enough to Go Bold cannot go wrong here.  It's impossible to escape being the center of attention in Alexia Admor, and that can definitely be a good thing.  Look for this dress at bluefly where it's marked at 56% off. 

The Shoes: 
In my last post, I talked about wearing lower heels because it's nice to go on walks in warmer weather.  For tomorrow night, forget about comfort, forget about nice walks, forget about life for this one Friday.  This post is all about being noticed and these Roberto Cavalli metallic chain stilettos will definitely draw attention.  You're only young once, so strap these sexy sandals on and don't think about the pain!  There's nothing bolder than walking away with Roberto Cavalli for 60% off, so go to the Outnet to get them. 

The Jewelry:

Going bold is about not holding back, and that applies to the jewelry, as well.  These hotmixcold teardrop shaped hoops are the perfect example of going all out to find that perfect flirty look.  They glitter, they dangle, they will make you look like a rock star, and for only $19.00 at  A sassy accessory like this is the best way possible of completing an eye-catching outfit. The only question is - are you bold enough?

Happy Shopping  :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrate Spring in Style

As the weather is finally getting warm enough to start wearing cute spring-y outfits, fashionistas everywhere are beginning the search for the perfect springtime outfit. In a world of overpriced and yet adorable sundresses, it can be hard to find this perfect outfit on a frugal budget.  Here are some picks that celebrate color in true springtime fashion.

The Dress

This berry colored silk chiffon Campaigne sundress is a perfect pick for warmer weather.  It flutters and floats, and it's the ideal feminine pick.  For those fashionistas who have always aspired to a higher cup size, the ruffles on the bodice of the dress will draw the eye and create the illusion of more on top.  Look for it at bluefly for 49% off.  

The Shoes: 
Although stilettos are an easy sell to the trendy world as a result of being undeniably awesome, these kelly and katie sandals have an undeniable advantage over the other shoes that I have recommended.  And that is because they are easy and comfortable to walk in without sacrificing style.  As the weather becomes warm enough to walk greater distances, shoes that do not totter on top of four inch spike can be a necessity. However, the sexy strappy design and slight wedge keep them from suffering the label of "comfortable shoes"; the comfort part is a secret. These sandals are only $44.95 at DSW, so they are the perfect frugally fashionable choice.  


Spring is about pairing fun color combinations together.  After months of bleak winter grays and muddy early spring browns, the world is finally exploding into color, and we should celebrate it.  This turquoise canvas Carhartt belt adds color to a variety off different outfits, and pairing different textures keeps things interesting.  If you feel daring, check this belt out at Sierra Trading Post for just $11.95.   

Happy Shopping :)  

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Fashionable Wedding for the Frugal Bride

Every bride should feel like a princess on her wedding day.  A wedding is about making a commitment to spend the rest of your life with the partner that you love; that sort of milestone is worth celebrating in style.  But what happens when the wedding budget makes it hard to have that memorable occasion? Sometimes a bride goes over-budget on dress and needs to make cutbacks in other places; other times the budget is so small that no matter what, that princess feeling seems elusive.  I cannot in good conscience recommend compromising on the dress, but here are some other ways to be chic without breaking budget.

The Shoes:
If a bride chooses an unfortunate pair of shoes, whether due to lack of money or lack of taste, others will console her by saying that nobody pays any attention to the shoes. Lies.  A bride deserves perfection on her wedding day; how can a girl feel like a princess in ugly shoes?  This pair of Badgley Mischka sandals are, in fact, perfection.  Satin, chiffon, and tastefully arranged crystals combine to create and elegant, but also subtly sexy shoe that every bride will love.  The frugal fashionista knows that a bride on a budget cannot afford a pair of Badgley Mischka heels - after all, these sandals retail for $230.00.  However, at Beyond the Rack, these shoes are 56% off.  $99.99 is much more budget friendly.  

The Clutch: 

It is absolutely vital that a bride have a clutch purse on her wedding day.  Beyond any kind of ornamentation it may bring, a purse has great practical importance. On her wedding day, a bride is expected to speak with all of the guests at the wedding reception; she is the center of all attention.  As a result, emergency makeup, pocket stain remover, a compact etc. is necessary to avoid embarrassing incidents.  This OC Styles clutch found on Etsy is a classy way of carrying practical items.  One of the best parts is OC Styles will customize the bow color upon request to match the color scheme of your wedding.  The absolute best part? The $23.99 price tag won't empty your wallet.  

The Hair:

How can any bride feel like a princess without the right headpiece?  This frosted silver and crystal headpiece from Angela's Boutique is both delicate and regal.  Without being gaudy it captures the fairy-tale spirit that little girls everywhere fantasize about.  It feels like magic to me personally, because this headpiece is only $40.00.  When a bride can feel like a princess for only $40.00, she can feel relaxed about the other frustrating details when planning the wedding.  

Happy Weddings, Everybody :) 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prom and Formal: The Look for Less

Every girl spends years dreaming about her high school prom. This one night represents so many expectations that it has to be perfect to avoid being a disaster.  The same is true to college formals: these formals represent a last chance to feel that youthful excitement and glow of dressing up. After college, there really is no opportunity other than one's wedding to have an excuse to dress like a princess and feel beautiful.  There are hundreds of possible things that can go wrong with prom and formal; there are last minute sicknesses/cancellations, and breakouts of malicious pre-prom acne.  One thing, however, that should never ruin these occasions, is a constricted budget.  This post is about how to find that perfect dress - and then find it for less.  My post today is about three very similar dresses-for very different pocketbooks. Enjoy!

This evening gown has it all: it is elegant, glitzy, and it exudes Hollywood glamour and style.  Unfortunately, even at 60% off at The Outnet, this Marchesa piece of art still costs the sadly unattainable $2,324. A Marchesa evening gown is really a bargain at only a couple of thousand dollars, but for some of us, it's still far too much. If you are in love with this look, but not the price, read on. 


This Laila gown captures the spirit of the Marchesa gown, but without having to take out a mortgage.  This Laila is light and airy; it elegantly flows down to the ground and the empire waist slims the whole body.  This dress is marked as 49% off, marked down to the much more feasible $229.65.  If your tight budget still can't swallow this dress, read on.  


Vera Wang creates some of the most flattering dresses to the female form that have ever existed.  This Vera Wang is no exception: the tight top slims, the flowy bottom forgives and the beautiful blushing color captures the blush of youth on all complexions.  Plus, strapless shows off a girl's delicate collarbones and makes her look like a porcelain doll.  The best part? This dress is 62% off and it only costs $99.00 on Gilt Group; act fast because Gilt Group sells out quickly.  

Happy Shopping :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

First Flirty Friday Night

I have decided that every Friday, I will write a Flirty Friday Night post: learn how to dress to kill for less when you're looking for an outfit to go out dancing tonight.  This first post will be in tribute to my personal hero, Coco Chanel, who said "Women think of all colors except the absence of has it all". So, I have included a LBD that Chanel is famed for inventing, as well as a lacy pair of black pumps.  But every black outfit needs a bold accessory, so the red evening bag I chose brightens my flirty Friday night outfit up and keeps it edgy.

The Dress:

Okay, so I love this Alice and Olivia dress: it is adorable.  This is the sort of little black dress that forgives the last remnants of winter weight, and makes all butts look fabulous.  It's loose enough on the bottom to allow you to dance uninhibited, and tight enough on top to show off your assets.  Best part? It's 60% off on bluefly.  

The Shoes:
For those of you who believe that the dress is the most important aspect of the outfit, I am sorry to say that you are very wrong.  The right shoes are necessary to complement the dress, and complement the woman. However, you cannot go wrong with these H Williams suede heels; they will make every leg look longer and leaner.  In addition, the woven side details are both classy and sexy, plus they also happen to be 60% off (a magic number).  Look for them at the outnet, and you won't be disappointed. 

The Bag: 
With the edgy black dress and those sexy black heels, frugal fashionistas spending a flirty friday night out are sure to impress once the eye is drawn.  But every outfit needs one bold aspect to draw the eye in the first place, and my bold pick is this red Lulu Townsend purse.  It's a flashy color but a sophisticated style, and it's a perfect accessory for going out. A practical aspect? It's listed as a clutch, but it has a handle, making it harder to lose in a crowded room.  Look for it as DSW, because you can find it there for 41% off.  

Enjoy your Friday night, fashionistas, and
Happy Shopping :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top Finds Under $50

Most of my blog posts have focused on discounted designer items: names we already know, for less.  Today's post, however, focuses on magically trendy and adorable finds that are under $50. No discounts, no secret samples sales; these are clothes and accessories naturally priced for the frugal fashionista, and we should take advantage.

First find:
These Madden girl sandals are only 49.95 at Zappos.  These sandals are adorable; they are versatile enough to be worn to a tea party, or to the beach.  Stilettos make every girl's calf look awesome so this is a deal that will boost self confidence and sex appeal, assuming that you can stand in them. 

Second find:

Taryndawn Jewelry offers these handmade, freshwater pearl and sterling silver earrings for only $24.99 at  Remember my post on how shopping artisan means good deals and good karma? Taryndawn Jewelry is a prime example: one New England artisan who makes all of her jewelry with one pair of needle-nose pliers.  These earrings are classy enough to be work to the office, and exciting enough to be worn to a night-club.  

Third find: 
I am a sucker for glitz, glamour, and everything that goes with it.  This Colorifics evening clutch is perfect for the prom, or a college formal.  Any future frugal and fashionable brides out there? This clutch will be perfect to keep vital touch-up makeup (and maybe a hip flask if your family is anything like mine) during the reception. Best part? It's only $39.99 at David's Bridal, and also comes in black.  

Happy Shopping! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gilt Groupe: Amazing Designer Discounts.

Frugal Fashionistas have less selection than our more affluent counterparts due to our unfortunately constricted budgets. The internet is great, however, because it removes geographic barriers when it comes to looking for discount designer clothes. We cannot all live in New York to get access to fantastic sample sales, but with online sample sales, we can still find great bargains. One of my favorite online sample sales is Gilt Group; once you register to become a member you will find a whole new world open up full of affordable clothes for you, as well as other awesome deal tip-offs such as discounted dream vacations. Gilt Group offers new deals every day, so if you get bored combing the same sales over and over, this is the site for you. Today Gilt has discount Rebecca Minkoff handbags, as well as gorgeous Reem Acra evening dresses. Reem Acra is the last word in high end dresses: celebs like Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow, and Eva Longoria-Parker have all loved Reem Acra's luxurious looks well enough to take them to the red carpet. Check them out for daily deals on otherwise unaffordable designers :)
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Cannot Resist Marc Jacobs

I think that today's title says it all, but honestly, who can resist this amazing designer? There is a reason that Marc Jacobs won the Women's Designer of the Year award in 1992, and no less than seven CFDA Awards since then. He is completely irresistible. I am a longtime Marc Jacobs fan: I was 11 years old when he started his Marc by Marc Jacobs line, and I immediately fell in love with his fresh designs. Only Marc Jacobs can make a floral dress look edgy, and actually pull it off. Unfortunately, I am not at all in love with Marc Jacobs prices; $1,900 for a cocktail dress with my current bank account is sadly laughable. However, that is why designer outlets were invented: what would we do without those magical places where we can get the clothes we love for way less than retail value? Such as this gorgeous black cocktail dress for 60% off. How could this be anything less than love? For those of us with lives that are sadly not exciting enough for cocktail parties, try this Marc Jacobs tank for 70% off. It's feminine and daring at the same time, and perfect for sunny days this summer

I had a special request from one of my blog followers to cover designer discounts in the U.K., and this was certainly a challenge. There are very few credible designer discount online U.K. shops that I could find, but I think that I found a good sale. Bryce Aime is a London-based French designer who creates upscale but very wearable looks. According to the Fashion Model Directory: " His clothes are created for the woman who recognizes the understated appeal of luxurious fabrics, elegant cut and precise finish to create a distinct yet quiet drama within her wardrobe." Is anybody sold yet? Here is one memorable take on on the LBD that is trendy and charming at, and the best part is, it's 61% off. You will have to become a member in order to buy, but it's free and the deals are fantastic. Got another country you'd like me to find Frugal Fashions in? Just ask :)
Happy Shopping, everybody!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Think Outside the Box with Artisan Accessories

One of the most important parts of finding clothing and accessories is trying to get something trendy that nobody else has. Unfortunately, custom made or unique items drive the price tag up to unfortunately dizzying heights. So how do those of us with budgets that are dragging through the dirt rather than soaring in the heavens attain this coveted one-of a-kind look? The answer is simple: For every frugal fashionista out there looking for a deal, there are ten struggling artisan designers willing to sell their goods for less in order to break into the industry (note: this may be an exaggeration, but you get my point). So if you want a deal, check out artisan marketplaces places such as, or You will not only be finding high quality, handmade items for much lower prices than you could find other places, you'll be buying from a small-time artisan which is both fashionable, and good karma. Check out one of my personal favorites made by an Israeli artisan designer ElenadE. This artisan made a sterling silver and freshwater pearl petal ring for only $37.00. It's different, it's affordable, and it is exquisitely gorgeous:

Are there extra-frugal frashionistas like me out there who have annoying things like rent and groceries to buy that would get in the way of spending $37.00 on a ring? A lot of Etsy artisans want so much to break into to business that they are willing to display Pay It Forward products: this is when they will sell a product for only the $0.20 posting fee in return for positive feedback. PIFs tend to be made with less expensive materials because the artisan is losing money on these listings, but at $0.20 one should not be too picky. One example of a pay it forward ring is this copper, glass pearl, and glass bead wire ring made by Canada designer AffordableFUN. e Extra frugal, and also cute, just make sure to leave good feedback for the artisan, and limit yourself to only one or two PIF products, because the artisan is losing money. Happy Bargain-Hunting, fashionistas of the world :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A.B.S.:Even More Affordable

A.B.S. prides itself in being "affordable luxury", as their official web site claims on their "About Us" page. They definitely succeed in the luxury half of that statement; who has not fallen for their seemingly effortlessly glamorous dresses? A.B.S. makes dresses that girls of all sizes can pull off without having looking like chiffon encased sausage, and that is, indeed, a valuable skill. Unfortunately, A.B.S. has a different definition of "affordable" from my own, and many other less than overflowing wallets. The average price tag for an A.B.S. dress in Bloomingdale's was about $350.00. This is "affordable" in the sense that it is less expensive than many other designer dresses and for that, A.B.S. should be commended. For those sadly broke college students and other twenty somethings like myself, however, this is not affordable enough. But we should rejoice, frugal fashionistas of the world, because of clearance sales. Bluefly is currently offering an adorable short, black A.B.S. dress for 75% off. This dress, like many others, started its life as a $350 piece of "affordable luxury" but has since been marked down to a much more wallet-friendly $89.24. Check it out, and try not to cry at how pretty it is :)

My first Frugal Fashion: Discount Marc by Marc Jacobs

Luxurious fashion has been hard to achieve these past few years, during the recession. As a virtually broke college student who loves fashion, I’ve had to find alternative ways of finding of the clothes that I want. This blog is going to show fashionistas of all budgets how to get the styles they want. The first designer discount featured: Right now DSW is offering a sexy pair of Marc Jacobs stilettos for 71% off of retail price! I have never met anybody who doesn’t love Marc Jacobs, so this deal is my personal dream. Check it out at