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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A.B.S.:Even More Affordable

A.B.S. prides itself in being "affordable luxury", as their official web site claims on their "About Us" page. They definitely succeed in the luxury half of that statement; who has not fallen for their seemingly effortlessly glamorous dresses? A.B.S. makes dresses that girls of all sizes can pull off without having looking like chiffon encased sausage, and that is, indeed, a valuable skill. Unfortunately, A.B.S. has a different definition of "affordable" from my own, and many other less than overflowing wallets. The average price tag for an A.B.S. dress in Bloomingdale's was about $350.00. This is "affordable" in the sense that it is less expensive than many other designer dresses and for that, A.B.S. should be commended. For those sadly broke college students and other twenty somethings like myself, however, this is not affordable enough. But we should rejoice, frugal fashionistas of the world, because of clearance sales. Bluefly is currently offering an adorable short, black A.B.S. dress for 75% off. This dress, like many others, started its life as a $350 piece of "affordable luxury" but has since been marked down to a much more wallet-friendly $89.24. Check it out, and try not to cry at how pretty it is :)

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