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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Cannot Resist Marc Jacobs

I think that today's title says it all, but honestly, who can resist this amazing designer? There is a reason that Marc Jacobs won the Women's Designer of the Year award in 1992, and no less than seven CFDA Awards since then. He is completely irresistible. I am a longtime Marc Jacobs fan: I was 11 years old when he started his Marc by Marc Jacobs line, and I immediately fell in love with his fresh designs. Only Marc Jacobs can make a floral dress look edgy, and actually pull it off. Unfortunately, I am not at all in love with Marc Jacobs prices; $1,900 for a cocktail dress with my current bank account is sadly laughable. However, that is why designer outlets were invented: what would we do without those magical places where we can get the clothes we love for way less than retail value? Such as this gorgeous black cocktail dress for 60% off. How could this be anything less than love? For those of us with lives that are sadly not exciting enough for cocktail parties, try this Marc Jacobs tank for 70% off. It's feminine and daring at the same time, and perfect for sunny days this summer

I had a special request from one of my blog followers to cover designer discounts in the U.K., and this was certainly a challenge. There are very few credible designer discount online U.K. shops that I could find, but I think that I found a good sale. Bryce Aime is a London-based French designer who creates upscale but very wearable looks. According to the Fashion Model Directory: " His clothes are created for the woman who recognizes the understated appeal of luxurious fabrics, elegant cut and precise finish to create a distinct yet quiet drama within her wardrobe." Is anybody sold yet? Here is one memorable take on on the LBD that is trendy and charming at, and the best part is, it's 61% off. You will have to become a member in order to buy, but it's free and the deals are fantastic. Got another country you'd like me to find Frugal Fashions in? Just ask :)
Happy Shopping, everybody!

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