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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kate Middleton's Look for Under $200!

There is just something about royalty that nobody can resist.  It could be the crown, or the words "prince" and "princess" that brings back memories of Disney fairy tales, but whatever it is, it makes the inhabitants of Buckingham Palace  fascinating to us all. Prince William's upcoming marriage to the soon to be Princess Kate has been an especially thrilling piece of entertainment, because royal weddings are a once in a generation kind of event.  Kate Middleton, and more specifically, Kate Middleton's clothing, has been plastered across magazines, tabloids, and blogs such as this one.  The future princess has become well-known for her seemingly effortless, classy and upper-crust look.  For those of us who have tried to mimic this look, however, we know well that the price tags of clothes worn by royalty are not exactly "effortless" for the rest of us peasants.  This post will show you how to get Kate Middleton's look without having to marry a prince to afford it.

The Look:

Kate is looking classy as ever in this garden party outfit, wearing a cream colored blazer and camisole, a black and white skirt, and a black feathered headpiece.

The Headpiece:

Kate Middleton may be able to pull off a black feathered side-hat, but for the rest of us, this smaller feathered headpiece made by Vespertine Hollow gives a classy air without falling into the preposterous.  It has beads, a flower and feathers; a perfect recipe for feeling like a princess.  And for only $44.00 at, this headpiece isn't just for royalty.

The Blazer:

A white blazer is the perfect way to dress up a cami and skirt; it is both feminine and professional, making it a versatile article of clothing to have in your wardrobe.  This white three buttoned Attention blazer has crisp, clean lines that has an "old money" feel without breaking your budget.  It's only $29.99 at  
 The Cami:

Just like how Kate Middleton dares to wear a low cut (as low cut as the future princess of England can possible wear) top under her blazer, this Victoria's Secret camisole is a cute way of keeping your outfit from going from classy to boring.  Light cleavage and dainty lace combine to make a top that can be classy - when paired with the right blazer.  Look for it at where it's only $29.50.

The Skirt:
Black and white will never go out of style; it is now and always will be a fashionable color scheme for your outfit.  This White House Black Market skirt with contrasting prints is a fun take on the geometric print black and white skirt worn by Kate Middleton above.  The light fabric will keep the thicker blazer from making you look like a politician's wife, and the cut forgives wide hips.  It's only $84.00 at, so it will keep you looking upscale for less.  

Total Cost of the Outfit: $188.00; way less than what Kate's outfit cost.  Enjoy watching the royal wedding!

Happy Shopping :)

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