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Friday, April 15, 2011

First Flirty Friday Night

I have decided that every Friday, I will write a Flirty Friday Night post: learn how to dress to kill for less when you're looking for an outfit to go out dancing tonight.  This first post will be in tribute to my personal hero, Coco Chanel, who said "Women think of all colors except the absence of has it all". So, I have included a LBD that Chanel is famed for inventing, as well as a lacy pair of black pumps.  But every black outfit needs a bold accessory, so the red evening bag I chose brightens my flirty Friday night outfit up and keeps it edgy.

The Dress:

Okay, so I love this Alice and Olivia dress: it is adorable.  This is the sort of little black dress that forgives the last remnants of winter weight, and makes all butts look fabulous.  It's loose enough on the bottom to allow you to dance uninhibited, and tight enough on top to show off your assets.  Best part? It's 60% off on bluefly.  

The Shoes:
For those of you who believe that the dress is the most important aspect of the outfit, I am sorry to say that you are very wrong.  The right shoes are necessary to complement the dress, and complement the woman. However, you cannot go wrong with these H Williams suede heels; they will make every leg look longer and leaner.  In addition, the woven side details are both classy and sexy, plus they also happen to be 60% off (a magic number).  Look for them at the outnet, and you won't be disappointed. 

The Bag: 
With the edgy black dress and those sexy black heels, frugal fashionistas spending a flirty friday night out are sure to impress once the eye is drawn.  But every outfit needs one bold aspect to draw the eye in the first place, and my bold pick is this red Lulu Townsend purse.  It's a flashy color but a sophisticated style, and it's a perfect accessory for going out. A practical aspect? It's listed as a clutch, but it has a handle, making it harder to lose in a crowded room.  Look for it as DSW, because you can find it there for 41% off.  

Enjoy your Friday night, fashionistas, and
Happy Shopping :)

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