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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prom and Formal: The Look for Less

Every girl spends years dreaming about her high school prom. This one night represents so many expectations that it has to be perfect to avoid being a disaster.  The same is true to college formals: these formals represent a last chance to feel that youthful excitement and glow of dressing up. After college, there really is no opportunity other than one's wedding to have an excuse to dress like a princess and feel beautiful.  There are hundreds of possible things that can go wrong with prom and formal; there are last minute sicknesses/cancellations, and breakouts of malicious pre-prom acne.  One thing, however, that should never ruin these occasions, is a constricted budget.  This post is about how to find that perfect dress - and then find it for less.  My post today is about three very similar dresses-for very different pocketbooks. Enjoy!

This evening gown has it all: it is elegant, glitzy, and it exudes Hollywood glamour and style.  Unfortunately, even at 60% off at The Outnet, this Marchesa piece of art still costs the sadly unattainable $2,324. A Marchesa evening gown is really a bargain at only a couple of thousand dollars, but for some of us, it's still far too much. If you are in love with this look, but not the price, read on. 


This Laila gown captures the spirit of the Marchesa gown, but without having to take out a mortgage.  This Laila is light and airy; it elegantly flows down to the ground and the empire waist slims the whole body.  This dress is marked as 49% off, marked down to the much more feasible $229.65.  If your tight budget still can't swallow this dress, read on.  


Vera Wang creates some of the most flattering dresses to the female form that have ever existed.  This Vera Wang is no exception: the tight top slims, the flowy bottom forgives and the beautiful blushing color captures the blush of youth on all complexions.  Plus, strapless shows off a girl's delicate collarbones and makes her look like a porcelain doll.  The best part? This dress is 62% off and it only costs $99.00 on Gilt Group; act fast because Gilt Group sells out quickly.  

Happy Shopping :)

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