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Monday, April 4, 2011

Think Outside the Box with Artisan Accessories

One of the most important parts of finding clothing and accessories is trying to get something trendy that nobody else has. Unfortunately, custom made or unique items drive the price tag up to unfortunately dizzying heights. So how do those of us with budgets that are dragging through the dirt rather than soaring in the heavens attain this coveted one-of a-kind look? The answer is simple: For every frugal fashionista out there looking for a deal, there are ten struggling artisan designers willing to sell their goods for less in order to break into the industry (note: this may be an exaggeration, but you get my point). So if you want a deal, check out artisan marketplaces places such as, or You will not only be finding high quality, handmade items for much lower prices than you could find other places, you'll be buying from a small-time artisan which is both fashionable, and good karma. Check out one of my personal favorites made by an Israeli artisan designer ElenadE. This artisan made a sterling silver and freshwater pearl petal ring for only $37.00. It's different, it's affordable, and it is exquisitely gorgeous:

Are there extra-frugal frashionistas like me out there who have annoying things like rent and groceries to buy that would get in the way of spending $37.00 on a ring? A lot of Etsy artisans want so much to break into to business that they are willing to display Pay It Forward products: this is when they will sell a product for only the $0.20 posting fee in return for positive feedback. PIFs tend to be made with less expensive materials because the artisan is losing money on these listings, but at $0.20 one should not be too picky. One example of a pay it forward ring is this copper, glass pearl, and glass bead wire ring made by Canada designer AffordableFUN. e Extra frugal, and also cute, just make sure to leave good feedback for the artisan, and limit yourself to only one or two PIF products, because the artisan is losing money. Happy Bargain-Hunting, fashionistas of the world :)

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