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Friday, August 19, 2011

Elegant Earth-Tones

Many of us associate earth-tones with boring, wall-flower clothing. Oatmeal, taupe, beige and wheat hardly evoke the same excitement as shades like sapphire, jade, crimson, or midnight.  However, if you do it right, you can stand out as an example of elegance and sexy sophistication with these gorgeous picks, say no to oatmeal and yes to champagne, gold dust, and shimmering lambskin taupe..  Gorgeous earth-tones can scream anything from "Old Money" to "Career Girl" all while quietly whispering that you are an amazingly gorgeous fashionista (if you can't hear your clothes speak to you, then you are not shopping properly).

The Showstopper:

I think that this gold dust Tadashi Shoji one sleeved gown singlehandedly refutes every person who has ever said that earth-tones are "boring".  This draped silk gown says drama and glamour better than any brighter color ever could.  It is the height of refinement, and is perfect for a black-tie event.  It happens to be on sale on the Saks Fifth Avenue web site for $256.99; 30% off the original price tag.  If you're looking early for a sorority formal or prom dress that is not tacky, or if you need to look great for an evening work event, this dress is perfect for making you look like money, without breaking the bank.  

The Killer Bag

I absolutely adore this Nanette Lepore lambskin satchel.  It is a perfect casual bag for taking to class, the office, or (my favorite) shopping for other amazing items.  If you pair it with brown leather boots, dark jeans, and a graphic tee, you have an envy-worthy outfit for back to school.  This bag is 40% off at in their sale section.  If you want to reward yourself, I can't imagine a better way of doing it than getting this bag.  

The Classy Top:

Dolce and Gabbana are my go-to dream brand for classy cute clothing.  This champagne colored silk bubble sleeve top is a perfect choice if you're dressing for a conservative occasion like an internship, or a college interview.  This top proves that you can dress for your career without sacrificing your awesome fashion sense.  This top happens to be 70% off at That's right, 70% off.  Nothing smarter than investing in a piece like this to complete your wardrobe.

Happy Shopping, Fashionistas :)

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