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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cold Weather Clothing

It is no secret that I have a hard life. One of the most difficult things for me right now is living in the south of France for a semester; while my friends from home were able to start wearing sweaters back in September, and I have been forced to wear sundresses, little tank tops, and bathing suits all fall.  However, all summers eventually come to an end - even on the Mediterranean - and now I am exploring fall fashion in a serious way.  And because I am still a broke college student, and living in a country that uses the Euro (which has a deadly exchange rate against the U.S. dollar), I am turning to the discount American web sites we all know and love to stock my cold weather wardrobe.  Read on for my selection of affordable autumn clothing.

The Sweater:

Okay, I think that we have all bought something from the Victoria's Secret catalogue because it looked so pretty on the model, and then found that it was completely unwearable in real life.  This blue sweater with leather buckles is not one of those items; it covers enough to be warm and classy, it is long enough to prevent tragic gapping that can sometimes occur, and the leather on the bottom is totally adorable.  It also happens to be 49% off the the Victoria's Secret web site, so it is a good investment for winter.

The Coat: 

This is a Lafayette 148 New York wool short sleeved coat.  I became a fan of Lafayette 148 New York because of designs like this; it is chic and easy to wear at the same time.  Depending on wear you live, the short sleeves may or may not be a huge problem, but for a coat like this, I think it is worth shivering a little at the bus stop, because you will look fabulous.  This piece is 48% off at the saksfifthavenue web site, but unfortunately even with that discount it is still $470.99: so sad. 

The Boots:
Boots are a necessary item for winter because they keep the foot warm and dry from snow.  More importantly, these Mina high heeled boots by SM will make you taller, and give you a snow-bunny meets New York kind of feel that does not come along very often.  For the PETA fashionistas, please note that these boots were made with faux fur (real leather, but then you can't have everything) so no real snow bunnies were harmed to make you look great.  They are 41% off at DSW, so look for them there, and take on the snow with style.  

Enjoy the cold weather, everybody, and

Happy Shopping :) 

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