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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Violent Violet

Everybody knows the class-based history of purple; it was one of the rarest colors to dye clothing, and therefore was reserved for the highest classes.  In Rome, it was the color of senators, and in medieval Europe, it was only worn by royalty.  This is a color that is very easy to wear because there is a shade for almost every skin tone and style.  Here are some of my favorite picks.

The Tote:

If you have never heard of Malaysian bag designer Ryoushop, then you are missing out.  Their take on violet is this oversized Mira canvas tote bag that adds spice to an everyday outfit, and is big enough to carry books to class.  Pair it with skinny jeans and a neutral tone top, and let this fantastic bag be the focal point of the outfit.  Look for it on Etsy where it's only $48.00. Plus free shipping. 

The Skirt:

This See by Chloe cotton skirt is a perfect piece to wear back to campus with a funky pair of boots, or to an internship with flats and a gray sweater.  It's a fun and playful color, but i's modest length makes it versatile enough to wear anywhere.  If you're looking for an investment piece to wear several ways, this is it.  Look for it at the Outnet where you can get it 65% off.  

The Dress:

Want to be a classy bombshell? Buy this ruffle camisole mini dress by Parker as soon as possible.  It's a statement piece that needs little accessorizing to create a finished look. Are you the kind of fashionista who loves a little comfort?  Parker silk dresses are soft and smooth like butter, and the loose fit will make even body conscious women feel comfortable in their own skin.  It's on sale at Saks right now for $129.99

Purple Done Wrong

I love Gucci. If I could afford it I would be a Gucci girl for life.  However, this purple fox fur collar with tassel is not Gucci's finest hour.  It's out of proportion and an unfortunate shade of purple. The real tragedy is that a fox had to die to make such a hideous statement piece.  It's selling on Saks for $2,990.  Advice to my fashionistas: spend all that money on better things.  

Happy Shopping :)


  1. Great post!!!!
    Gorgeous color!!!

  2. LOL! The last part about GUCCI made me crap up. Great post, I love purple!