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Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoes: Steals and Deals

One of the best things about shoes is that, no matter what size you are, you won't feel fat trying them on.  For many of us, when we're having a bad day, the last thing that we want to do is look at our bodies in a mirror, whether we're a size 0 or a size 20. So what to do when you need a little bit of retail therapy? Buy a drop dead gorgeous pair of shoes that you love; it's as comforting as a warm milk, and as satisfying as chocolate fudge. I'll show you how to get that dream pair of shoes for a lot less.  

The Flats: 

If you are looking for comfort and femininity, there is nothing better than a pair of velvet studded ballet flats like these Charlotte Ronson navy blue shoes.  They will make a large foot look dainty, and they'll make a small foot look positively delicate.  In terms of comfort food, they're like a hot creamy soup, perfect for soothing after a bad day.  The most soothing part? Getting them for 50% off at Tobi.  

The Kitten Heels:
Kitten heels are perfect for feeling comfortable in a pair of heels.  They still lengthen the leg and look adorable, but they won't kill the feet or make you feel off-balance.  These Sergio Rossi white kitten heels will make you feel sexy without leaving your comfort zone.  After a bad day, buying shoes like these is like Chamomile tea and cookies, refined and sophisticated, but still providing that comfort you really need.  Get them at DSW because they are 82% off there. No typo: they are 82% off. 

The Stiletto:
When others will not do, thank God for Manolo Blahnik.  These blue satin Blahnik stilettos are just what one needs to feel sexy and flirty after a horrible day. Want to put the day behind you a move on in style? Do it in these adorable shoes.  Forget the timid comfort of soup and tea, these heels are pure chocolate; they are bold and they are rich, but they will also comfort in their own way.  They're also 56% off at Ivory Trunk and there's only one pair left, so act fast.  

Happy Shopping :)



  1. great finds :)

    come check out my give-away on my blog!


  2. First off: True Story. When my day goes terribly, I know that even browsing around for the possiblity of new shoes cheers me up! Second: Awesome flats! I've been looking for a cute pair that's work appropriate, and I have never checked Tobi out :)

    Ripped Nylon