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Monday, June 27, 2011

Seeing Red

Hello Fashionistas,

This is the first entry of my color block series: each post will be one color done three ways for three different looks. For the first color, I chose the boldest, most attention grabbing color on earth: bright, luscious red.  It's associated with danger and sex, so it's perfect for bombshells. but it can also work in wholesome, commercial pieces. The real challenge? Not going broke on your quest to fabulous.

The Bombshell:

I stumbled upon this red BCBG when I wrote my Prom post back in April and I have just been waiting for a chance to use it, because I looove it. The asymmetrical cross strap, the sweetheart neckline, and the rosette detailing on the skirt combine to make this an attention grabbing dress, perfect for any girl who loves the spotlight. It's 40% off at so you can boldly buy without regret.

You can't do a post on Red without getting a little dangerous, and dangerous describes these Christian Louboutin, perfectly. They're strappy and sexy, and a little reminiscent of bondage, giving them that edgy look that would go great with a little black dress, and heavy bauble jewelry.  They're 50% off at the Outnet, which makes this one of those rare occasions when Christian Louboutin is actually affordable.  

Street Style:

Ordinarily, I do not recommend hats from small time hat-makers.  They tend to be either outrageously untasteful, or else not skillfully made. However, I was delightfully surprised by UK hat designer Moaning Minnie's fun (and well executed) take on hats. This red and white checked newsboy cap gives an urban street-chic to a casual outfit. Pair with black booties and a sweater this fall! The most amazing part? It's only $45.00 on  Not a fan of newsboy hats? My second choice was her adorable red and white polka dot rain hat.

Happy Shopping!

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