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Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY Crochet and Ribbon Hat

DIY Crochet and Ribbon Hat

Hello fashionistas, it's been a long time.  Well I'm back, and I'm doing a blog on one of the most frugal and fashion forward things that broke girls can do - an awesome DIY project that looks cute and costs less than $4.00 - a crochet and ribbon hat. 


You don't need a lot of supplies to make this hat: just yarn, scissors, a crochet hook - I used size 8 - and a spool of ribbon you'll see later (I may have forgotten to include it in this photo).   The yarn was $3.00 at Joann Fabric's on a sale, and the ribbon was $0.88 at Wal Mart, so if you already have a crochet hook and scissors, you'll be able to do this project for $3.88.

Step One

The first thing you want to do is chain 6 stitches.  If you are a crochet newbie, I found a video on YouTube called Crochet Guru that will take you through the steps 

Step Two

Once you have the chain of 6, you're going stick your crochet hook through the first stitch, cross your yarn over, and chain one more, so that you have a circle. 

Step Three

Double crochet eight stitches inside the loop.  Again, for all you newbies at crochet, watch this video to learn how to double crochet .  

Then you're going to keep crocheting outward in a circle - crochet two stitches into every hole going outward until your circle looks like the above photo - then crochet two stitches into one hole, and one stitch into the next.   Gradually add more and more single stitches in each hole between the double stitches.  You want your spiral to gently curve up at the ends. 

Step 4

When you put your spiral on your head and one edges touches the front and one edge touches the back, you should start turning the sides of your hat upward.  Double crochet one stitch in each hole, and your hat will start resembling a shallow bowl.  Your hat should fit a bit loosely on your head - the ribbons will tighten it a bit later.  

Step 5

Once your hat is your desired length, do two single crochet stitches and then tie off, and tuck the excess yarn into the stitches.  Congratulations you have made the hat, part!  If you're sick of this project and hating life, you can just wear it as is, and be proud of your beautiful hat :).  If you want to embellish with a bit of ribbon, then read on.

Step 6

Thread your ribbon onto a yarn needle or, if you're an extra frugal fashionista like myself and won't buy a yarn needle, then tie it to a bobby pin.  Thread your ribbon through the hat at the point where you tied your yarn off, then basket weave through each hole. 

Step 7

One you've done an entire row, make sure you skip a row going up, and basket-weave another row.  Keep going on like this, skipping a row in between each one you put a ribbon through, until you reach the top of the hat, where you started out. 

Step 8

Enjoy your fabulous hat!  And if you make one, let know how it turned out in the comments.

Happy Crocheting, fashionistas :)

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