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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be Vivacious this Valentine's Day

I am sure that everybody knows that this Tuesday is Valentine's Day. For those in relationships, this day can be filled with heavy expectations of romance and magic that may or may not come true. For you single ladies, it can range from crying into a bowl of cookie dough to hitting the town with your girls and celebrating all of the love in your life.  No matter what your plans are, however, it can't hurt to look fantastic while you're doing it.  Whether you want to be sweet and demure, scintillating and sexy, or just not acknowledge Valentine's Day at all, here are some picks to look and feel great.


If your Valentine's Day plans include meeting your boyfriend (or girlfriend -no haters here) in a little bistro, lunching with your sisters, or just dressing up for cocktails with the girls, this is the dress for you. Tadashi Shoji flat out knows how to dress for a woman's body. This dress is sweet and simple, but it's girly, it flatters the waist, and it mayy make men want to give you flowers....maybe. The amazing part is that it's 73% off at


My personal fashion motto is "Never Apologize". If you're going to dress up, don't hold back.  Whether you're single on Valentine's Day, or trying to impress a certain someone, there is no reason not to go all the way romantic and ravishing.  This v-neck red ruffle dress is sexy without going sexy, and is unapologetically in the spirit of Valentine's Day. As a special tribute to one of my heroes, Ellen Degeneres, I chose this dress from the store that chose her to be their spokesperson, JC Penney.  It's $50, not on sale, and in my opinion, it's worth every penny. 


If you associate February 14 with the anniversary of the beginning of the Polish-Soviet war in 1919 or the day Pope Gregory VII excommunicated Henry IV in 1076,  then this is the dress for you. Just because it's "just Tuesday" doesn't mean that you shouldn't look fabulous in class or at work.  This Antik Batik flame silk dress is perfect for looking great on an ordinary day.  Its long sleeves are weather-appropriate, its color scheme is neutral, and the flame print adds a little spice to an everyday dress. Get it now at Gilt Groupe for 59% off.  

Remember, fashionistas, no matter what your plans are this Feb 14, love yourself, love your body, and look great.  What are your Valentine's Day plans? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Shopping :)

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