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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Save Your Money for Clothing!

I have given several posts on where to find affordable, fashionable clothing, but sometimes that isn't enough.  As a (very) broke college student, I have had to find a few different ways to cut costs.  One of the most pointless expenses for me was laundry costs.  You live 18 years of your life with a washing machine and dryer in your house for free, and then all of a sudden, you have to pay $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry - wtf?

Solution: Get a drying rack.

I would do two loads of laundry per week, so by buying a cheap drying rack from Target, I saved $3.00 per week in laundry costs.  This might sound small, but it adds up,  and it helps the environment because drying racks use no electricity (like the ancients used to do_.  Added bonus: you avoid the risk of a horrible apartment/dorm coin run dryer shrinking your sweaters down to doll size.  Still at home? Get one anyway, and discuss with your parents whether you can pocket part of the monthly savings from switching from a dryer to a drying rack.

After a year of using a drying rack, you'll save about $150, which is like getting this awesome ABS dress ($146 at bluefly)  for free: 

Here is how not to spend your money. 

Everyone knows that I love Marc by Marc Jacobs, but this $137 puffer lime green tote looks like something a  grandmother in Sarasota would pull out of a bargain bin. You've hung laundry on a line for a year! Have standards with how you spend that money!

Happy Saving, and Happy Shopping, Fashionistas :)

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